Dog Home Inspections and Commercial Inspections

In an effort to assist clients in making an informed judgment about properties we visually examine hundreds items including: 

Exterior:  Porches, decks, chimneys
Roof:  Surface, subsurface, gutters

Structure:  Floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, skylights

Electrical:  Panels, service lines, branch wiring, grounding, GFIs, outlets

Plumbing: supply lines, water heater, flow, vents

Heating:  System functioning, storage tanks, safety controls

Cooling:  Coolant lines, function, condition

Insulation:  Sufficiency, location, effectiveness

  Attic, roof, basement, crawl spaces

Interior:  Fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, kitchens, baths

Radon, water quality, lead paint, mold and mildew, pests


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Competent, Reliable, Honest! 

Hire a Certified Master Inspector, licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, college educated (masters degree) Inspector to answer these questions:

Does the roof leak?

Is the structure sound?
Is the electrical system safe?
Will I be warm enough in mid winter?
Will I have enough water and will waste be carried away?




...begins with a thorough home inspection or commercial inspection

...begins with showing up on time

...begins with finding and reporting all defects and positives

Sample Home Inspn Report

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Safe Home Book

What every home buyer
should know

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My Promise to You
Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult.  Home Inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and pricing.  If you permit me to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort. This I promise!

A Red Dog Home Inspection or Red Dog Commercial Inspection promises dog gone thoroughness at affordable prices and an unbiased independent professional inspection and a detailed report with color pictures.  

Our Home Inspection and Commercial Inspection exceed InterNACHI home inspection Standards, and commercial inspection Standards. 

During the home inspection and commercial inspection we fully discuss what we are examining and what we are finding – both positives and negatives. 

Once the home inspection or commercial inspection ends, our services don’t. If you have additional questions after reviewing the report, we are available, for months and months.  

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Write or call for a quote, 603-867-7322,  Don't hire the cheapest inspector for the most expensive purchase of your life.

Service Area: Southern NH and Northern MA


NH License # 128, MA License #673    

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